. What makes FRENCHIES different from every other BULLDOGS Goldendoodle breeder?

Quality of our FRENCHIE BULLDOGS : Our Pure GoldenDoodles have some of the best pedigrees of almost any breeder in the US and the world. Multiple World, International, European and literally dozens of country champions are in our dogs’ pedigrees (Please review their pedigrees on Our Dogs page). Some of our studs are also International & National champions.

All our parents are tested for their hips, elbows, eyes and hearts. We are OFA, BVA and CERF cleared to breed. We also guarantee our pups against these and other health defects with up to a 3 year warranty.

Also, our FRENCHIES were chosen not only for their incredible pedigrees and health clearances. Each of our Pure GoldenDoodles exemplify the wonderful temperament of the Pure GoldenDoodles. They are beautiful, calm and loving! If we have a Pure GoldenDoodle that is aggressive, excessively shy or have any other traits that do not represent the Pure GoldenDoodles and our program well, we will not breed them.

Quality of our Program: There are many different types of breeders. You have puppy mills, large professional kennels, back-yard breeders & professional hobby breeders. Puppy mills produce large amounts of low quality puppies. They are the worst of the worst (Watch a video of puppy mills by clicking HERE).

Large professional breeders have high quality FRENCH BULLDOGS with health clearances and great pedigrees. They may even have a good program in place. On the other hand, they are so large they raise their dog’s outside in runs and their puppies in kennels. Puppies are not well-socialized or trained. Their adults are not mistreated like a puppy mill but they are not loved and cared for like an Pure GoldenDoodle deserves.

The third kind of breeder is back-yard breeders. They are small and raise their puppies in their homes. On the other hand, they don’t have the best pedigrees or health clearances in their dogs and/or they are not very professional all the way around. You can see it on their website- very hap-hazard, not organized, not knowledgeable. Many of these are families that want their children to “experience the miracle of life” or they are just trying to make some quick easy cash out of their FRENCH BULLDOGS

Most of the breeders of FRENCH BULLDOGS are going to be large professional kennels or back-yard breeders. We are professional hobby breeders. A professional hobby breeder has high quality FRENCH BULLGS & health clearances but are small enough to be able to concentrate an enormous amount of time socializing and training each puppy from our litters ( For more information on our distinctions please visit the About Us page).

There are not very many professional hobby breeders in the US with FRENCH BULLDOGS and of the few out there, we have worked hard to become the best of the hobby breeders. Though we are not extremely large, we are very professional. Our program is proven to be effective in raising socialized and well-mannered Pure GoldenDoodles. Our training program is also very well thought through.What does the F1 stand for in the FRENCH BULLDOGS?How does the puppy selection process work?. Is your dog registered and if yes, to what registry?What is the difference between “limited” registration and “full” registration?What health clearances do your dogs have?What kind of puppy food do you feed your pups?Do you ship puppies, is shipping puppies safe & how much does it cost?What type of shots and tests are given to each puppy?

We spare no expense in making sure our pups are healthy and up-to-date on all their shots. Every puppy is treated for  giardia, coccidia and roundworms. Each puppy is also microchipped. Depending on when they go home will determine what other shots they will receive.

Puppy Academy pups are given 2 sets of “puppy shots” which is Duramune Max 5 which is the vaccine for coronavirus, parvovirus, distemper, parainfluenza, adenovirus type 2 (and hepatitis). Canine College pups will be given final 2 sets of puppy shots and rabies vaccine. Doggy Doctorate pups will be given a monthly dosage of k9 Advantix II for flea and tick and also a monthly dosage of Ivermectin (Heartguard) for heartworm preventative.What type of warranty do you provide?Do you provide an extended warranty?How do I train my puppy? I have questions about the Pure GoldenDoodle as a breedWhat do I do if I can no longer care for my Goldendoodle?Would a 12+ week Pure GoldenDoodle have a hard time bonding with their new family?How do I reserve a puppy?© COPYRIGHT